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Following the Ninth, the first film in the Beethoven | Hero trilogy, has screened in more than 250 cities across the nation and around the world. Love & Justice, the second film of the trilogy is on tour throughout the country in 2023-24.

  • Lincoln Center, New York

  • The Gene Siskel Center, Chicago

  • Babylon Theater, Berlin, Germany

  • Casa Del Cinema, Rome, Italy

  • American Film Institute’s Silver Theater, Silver Spring, Maryland

  • Quad Theater, New York

  • Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills, California

Here is a complete list of our past and upcoming screenings.

If you would like to request a screening, please visit our Contact Us page.

~ 2023 ~ Rebel Opera Tour

* Director will be Present

September 14th, Eugene, Or. Arthouse Theatre. *

September 11th, Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC (In cooperation with VIFF)*


September 7th, Seattle, Wa. SIFF Theatre*

September 6th, Portland, Or.  TBD.*

September 5th, Ashland, Or., Varsity Theatre*

August  16th, Laemmle Theatre, Claremont, Ca (In cooperation with CIFF)*


April 30th Santa Barbara, California. New Vic Theater*(premiere)


May 30th Salt Lake City, Utah. Broadway Theatre*


May 31st Salt Lake City, Utah Museum of Fine Arts*


June 1st & 2nd Park City, Utah. Summit County Library*


June 5th Telluride, Colorado. God Nugget Theater (In Cooperation with Telluride Chamber Music)*


June 6th & 7th Crested Butte, Colorado, Majestic Theater (In Cooperation with Crested Butte Film Festival)*


June 11th, Breckenridge, Colorado, Eclipse Theater (In Cooperation with the Breck Film Festival)


June 12th Edwards, Colorado, Riverwalk Theater (In Cooperation with Bravo Music Festival)*


June 13th Aspen, Aspen County Library*


June 14th Basalt, Colorado, Tacaw Theater*


June 15th Boulder, Colorado, eTown Theater*


June 16 Denver, Colorado, Denver Film SIE Film Center*


June 17 Aspen, Colorado, Aspen County Library*


June 20, 21, Guild Theater Albuquerque*


June 23 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jean Cocteau Cinema*


June 25, 26 Sedona, Arizona, Mary D. Fisher Theater*

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